As bus fares increase, it is now common sight in Honiara to see people cycling, some to work others doing household errands.

Solomon Times caught up with a young lady doing her daily errands in Point Cruz, Honiara. In a male dominated society like the Solomon Islands, it is quite rare to see a young lady ride a bicycle in town. Many stopped and stared at this young lady as she rode past the main Honiara town centre.

Solomon Times caught up with the young lady for a brief interview. "The increase in bus fare made bicycle a better option," she said. "I know people are not used to seeing a lady on a bicycle...but cultural thinking will not pay for my bus fare."

With her container slouched over her shoulder she kept riding along the main highway, attracting attention from those men who are not used to seeing a lady on a bicycle.

It seems like cultural borders are shifting thanks in part to an unlikely source, the hike in bus fares.