Outgoing Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI), Rick Hou, is scheduled to take up a two year contract with the World Bank at its Washington head office September this year.

In an interview with Governor Hou, he stated that in March this year the World Bank offered him the position of Senior Adviser to the Executive Director of World Bank at its Washington head office.

Governor Hou said that because it was not possible for him to leave his job in March, due to his current contract which expires in August of this year, he had to defer the offer. He said the World Bank decided to temporarily engage a Mongolian as Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of World Bank.

Hou said that it was an honour to take up the World Bank offer and so he has accepted the Bank's offer. "It is a very challenging job because the nature of the Job is very different, the culture and the people I will have to work with in Washington are different too."

Mr Hou said that while there are perhaps other possibly job prospects for him, he believes that the World Bank job is a privilege for him as this would enhance his understanding of the World Bank and how it relates to the Pacific region.