Many often ask how safe is Honiara? Walking past a canteen in Honiara late yesterday evening, a drunken man lying in front of a canteen in Lengakiki seemed to answer the question.

Speaking with a resident of that area, Mr. Ben Ramoni, a teacher by profession, said that the man has been laying there since Tuesday night and not a single harm was done to him.

"He was drunk since last night and no one seemed to have bothered him," Solomon Times was told.

Mr. Ramoni, who has traveled to many parts of the World, also told Solomon Times that in other countries, no one would dare sleep in public places because of criminal activities.

"I think in the Solomon Islands it is quite safe because people are often not bothered when they end up sleeping in the streets after a huge night out."

But that's not to say that Honiara is crime free, says Ramoni. He said that there are many parts of Honiara that are deemed unsafe, but the vast majority of neighborhoods in Honiara are very conscious of their neighbours.

"Honiara is not as bad as some would like to portray, it is very safe, much safer then many cities in other Metropolitan cities," said Ramoni.