Police have increased patrols and man-power at Borderline Police Post after members of the community attacked several officers this morning.

The unprovoked attack occurred at approximately 7:00am this morning after a male attended Borderline Police Post seeking assistance.

When police attended to his complaint, another male believed to be the offender arrived at the Police Post and became aggressive.

An officer from Borderline Police Post was assaulted by the second male.

Several off-duty officers that were on the Police Bus travelling to work at the time witnessed the assault. They exited the bus and ran to provide assistance to their colleague.

However, when the off-duty officers reached their colleague, a group of over 20 people then turned on them. Police believe that the group of people knew those rendering assistance were also police officers but refused to stop the attack.

The group threw rocks, were in possession of sticks and bush knives and continued to attack all of the officers.

The officers were significantly outnumbered and retreated to the safety of the Police Bus and reported the incident to Police Communication Centre.

Additional police patrols were sent to the area to locate the man that initially assaulted the officer and the members of the public that attacked the off-duty officers.

Police are investigating this serious incident and are actively trying to apprehend those involved.

The increased police presence in the Borderline area will continue until the investigation into the assault and subsequent attacks is complete and the suspects are caught.