People of the small Pacific nation of Solomon Islands are known to be huge soccer fanatics.

A soccer match would attract a huge crowd of soccer fans at the Lawson Tama to cheer on their teams.

"Soccer fans here go wild when cheering on their teams at Lawson Tama and this is where you will find people at their most relaxed mood," an observer said.

Passion for the sport is not only from players in the field but also the public.

"A major match will see people lining the Lawson Tama gates hours before the game kicks off, just to get the best seat for the best view to the grounds," a huge soccer fan in the public said.

Soccer has seen local sporting icons making it to international clubs in Australia and New Zealand.

"To me, soccer is like my boss because I live in Green Valley which is far from Lawson Tama. But when there is a game, I cannot miss a show and can even walk the miles to Lawson Tama if buses are packed," another huge soccer fanatic added.

Another still told Solomon Times that watching soccer helps him to develop his soccer skills.

"I am developing myself as a soccer player and watching the games at Lawson Tama gives me ideas on new techniques and skills when on the field," he said.

Cruising along the streets of Honiara after a huge game, it is likely to see crowds of people happily walking back to their homes despite the long distance.

"That's also part of the fun, after the game when buses have stopped their services, we love walking together in a group and recapping on the game along the way," Solomon Times was informed.

Just in the recent years, the game that is locally accepted as 'men-only' sport has been developed for women.

The number of interest from young women is said to be growing at a fast rate.