A lone female figure among the male-dominant Rennell-Bellona provincial government, Anne Pugeva vows to work at helping women of the province.

"I am trying my best to help women of my ward and Province but so far, I get little headway because my male counterparts don't seem to see the things I talk about," Mrs. Pugeva said.

The determined female politician however is not discouraged, instead stating she will continue to fight.

"I do not have any problem working with men, it's just that I'm alone and they do not seem to take my views seriously," Mrs. Pugeva said. "But I will keep fighting."

The mother of eight Mrs. Pugeva created history for the women of the province when she beat seven men in ward 9 of the Province two years ago.

Before becoming a politician in her province, the Minister for Health, Medical Services and Women's Affairs, Mrs. Pugeva was a police officer.

She told Solomon Times that while enjoying her job "getting financial support to support women is a big problem".

"I have drafted several project proposals but am yet to be successful. I will keep trying," said Mrs. Pugeva.

She said her voters are very happy with her work so far but she needs another woman in the house to give strength to her views, given the way her male colleagues have been reacting to her concerns.

"Men's ideas are so up there, while we women start from very basic things and work our way up," Mrs. Pugeva said.

She urges other women of the province to consider contesting in coming elections "because maybe if I have another woman with me, it will help change these men's views and ideas".