Huge cloud of smokes coming from various corners in Honiara city is common sight, which is causing complaints from the general public.

In a public approach on the issue, Solomon Times gathered that the practice is annoying and unhealty for the people on the streets.

"These are business people in the shops around town clearing out mess in their shops and burning them in the middle of the capital city, they should use their common sense," states Benjamin Newman.

He said the continuous sight of rubbish burning is beginning to create a village-like setting for what is to be the capital pride of the country.

"Shop owners know that the right place to dump and burn rubbish is the Ranadi site but it is now becoming common for them to just throw rubbish and burn them behind their shops," he said.

Solomon Times observed that this was not just the case for shops but also some offices situated in Honiara.

"Creating huge smokes is not only annoying for the next building but also for us walking around town," Mr. Newman added.

He said both shop owners and offices around town should not just think of themselves but do things the right way.

"The air pollution circulating in the heart of town, particularly Point Cruz, is also another issue which these people fail to realize and the hazard is on the health of the general public," Mr. Newman said.

He pointed out that instead of burning rubbish in the middle of a busy day in town, the shop owners could always throw rubbish in the garbage bins and arrange with Honiara City Council to transport them to Ranadi.

Mr. Newman said that if business keeps them too busy to make such arrangement, "they should wait until town is empty to burn their rubbish" in order for the city to be a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.