There is need for clarification on the recently approved free education system in the country.

A father of 5, Robert Lilivaki from the Western Province said the new system needs to be explained to all parents who have been paying fees all their lives.

"We need the government to further explain this new system because so many parents are confused on what is offered," Mr. Lilivaki said.

He questioned whether or not the country's economy would be able to cater for the nationwide free education.

"If the country's economy can sustain the new system, then that is good," Mr. Lilivaki said.

Another father, Rogue Vato echoed similar concerns on the chances of the new system's survival.

"This is something new and really different for our country, but how will that be implemented because we cannot always rely on donors to supply our needs," Mr. Vato questioned.

Meanwhile, the Acting Permanent Secretary to Education, Donald Malasa told Solomon Times that in implementing basic free education, the government will incrase funding to offset schools.

"In implementing the free education system, the government had a lot to consider and did not oversee needs such as providing for teachers and responsible education authorities," said Mr. Malasa who added that "the government is prepared to take it on."