Opening of the Intercultural Dialogue Arts Exhibition at the national museum helps to promote local arts exhibition.

Director of the Solomon Islands Museum, Lawrence Foana'ota said opening the doors of the Arts Gallery is a way of encouraging local artists to excel in their mode of interest.

"This is not just locally but we are also aiming at promotions in the region and global," Mr. Foana'ota said.

The doors opened in commemorating European Day last Thursday where local artists had the opportunity to display their talents for public viewing.

Solomon Islands Artists Association is a charitable organization founded by the local artists themselves to promote and encourage one another.

Growing recognition in the Solomons on local artists has seen several being sent overseas on scholarships for further training.

Local artists have also been involved in cultural exchange programs in the region.

Mr. Foana'ota said that it is very encouraging that the national government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism now recognizes the need to promote Solomons diverse cultures through visual arts.

"While waiting for the completion of the national art gallery, the national museum will continue to provide and display both the traditional and contemporary arts, and we will maintain the work relationship we have with our local artists," he added.

One artist approached, Brad Pugeva said being an artist in the Solomons has not been easy.

"Being an artist is our career and the recognition we are receiving is very welcoming," Mr. Pugeva said.

He encouraged other young people who have arts skills to make the most of their talent.