The launch of a beautiful children's park was a delight for many parents residing in Honiara.

At last a place for the children to play and mothers to catch up.

This however is slowly no longer the case as the park is being turned into an adult spot for couples to meet and young boys to drink.

"This is just unacceptable and creating an unsafe environment for our children," a mother of two told Solomon Times.

Walking through the park, Solomon Times observed young adults lazing around on the slides, the swings and a boat that's built purposely for the young ones within the park's compound.

Some mothers taking their children to enjoy the facilities expressed disappointment on the lack of respect that young adults have for the children.

This is the only place that is built specifically for the children to meet and play together, the mothers told Solomon Times.

"There should be tight security here because apart from young adult misusing the place, there's always rubbish around which could be harmful to our children."

The mothers also expressed on the need to put a stop to the place being used as a couple's spot to meet up.

"This is not good for the young children to be seeing the young adults doing their business in public."

The disappointed mothers said that if responsible authorities do not take measures on this matter, "then change the name from children's park to adult's park".