Acting Prime Minister Honorable Fred Fono today reassures the people of South Guadalcanal that the CNURA Government remains committed to the rehabilitation of the constituency.

Mr Fono made the reassurance following a concern raised by a South Guadalcanal Youth representative in a newspaper story today questioning a five months delay in implementing a rehabilitation package for the area.

Mr Fono said the CNURA government has not forgotten people in that area and efforts are currently underway to implement the package. Mr Fono indicated that a rehabilitation package for the South Guadalcanal constituency will not be made in the form of cash but will be in a form of infrastructure development.

He said the Government agreed to develop road and other basic infrastructures to ease existing transportation difficulties facing the area. "Basic infrastructure is crucial for any development interests in that region and the government sees that as one of the suitable rehabilitation packages for the area," he said.

The Acting Prime Minister said consultations with the MP for South Guadalcanal on the rehabilitation package is ongoing and that shows people in that area are not ignored.

He said infrastructure problems facing that region are recognized and the government is now in the process of engaging engineers to conduct a feasibility study to help start the implementation of the rehabilitation project.

Fono said a project of such size would not be completed overnight, but reassures people in that region of the government's commitment to their needs.