The SIFF Secretariat has reiterated that only provincial football associations (PFA) that have organized some sort of competition are eligible to participate in the upcoming Telekom National Clubs Championship.

The clarification came following reports that certain PFA's are going ahead with their selection despite the fact that they did not hold an organized competition.

"Only PFA's that have had competitions in their respective provinces would qualify for the Telekom NCC...the confirmation of the PFA reps would be sent to SIFF," the SIFF secretariat said in a statement.

"Only SIFF would determine which team would qualify in collaboration with the respective PFA," the statement said.

The Executive also approved that each PFA can apply for additional space should they want, however, the final say belongs to the SIFF.

"This is a SIFF sanctioned competition and only member associations of SIFF would collaborate with SIFF," the statement reads.