Banging music from within buildings around the city at night is enough to attract youths through the doors, concerned parents say of growing clubs opening in Honiara.

"As a mother, it is always a worry what my children are up to on any given weekend, and it's bad enough when there's rapid growth of clubs around town," Mrs. Andy Manu said.

Solomon Times learned that many parents hold it against clubs who put no restriction to youths who are under-age from entering their premises.

She said that the recent rise in crime "makes us, parents, worried when our children are not at home".

Mrs. Manu added that it is getting hard now that popular bands in Honiara are using clubs to promote their music.

"It is now getting harder on us when popular bands are using clubs to do promotions on new albums, luring our children to such places," she told Solomon Times.

Other parents agreed with another mother of seven, Mrs. Leanne Siu stating that bands who want to promote music should choose better venues other than clubs.

"Music promotions should take place outside of clubs where supporters can enjoy in a safe environment, especially for the young ones," Mrs. Siu said.

But club owners and DJ approached think otherwise, stating that Honiara lacks proper venues for launching and promotions for bands so clubs are the only option.

"Parents should not complain but do their part in disciplining their children, it's not our fault because this is our job and business," DJ Jaga told Solomon Times.

He added that club owners cannot control or stop teenagers from going clubbing "so parents should not hold grudges against us but talk to their children".

Musicians are calling on responsible authorities to look into setting a proper venue for purpose of promoting music in the country and abroad.