The no-confidence motion moved against the Premier of Guadalcanal is said to be in the best interest of the people and province.

Non-executive member Stephen Panga from the Ghaobatu Ward of Guadalcanal Province today moved the motion during the provincial assembly meeting at the Solomon Islands Christian Association headquarter.

Mr. Panga told Solomon Times that moving the motion was amidst complaints from the grassroots people and concerns from the provincial backbenchers.

He described the current leadership of the province as "on adhoc basis" with no structure of understanding, direction and priorities.

"There is no definite control on meager finance of this province which, in turn, put on hold divisional activities," said Mr. Panga.

"I am moving this motion on behalf of the people of Guadalcanal Province, and the executive government who has no confidence in the current leadership, which has created uncertainty and confusion," he said.

Mr. Panga added that people of the province deserves better leadership "where issues will be addressed and promises fulfilled".