There is nothing like walking through Honiara to come across a young man standing around the busy street with an owl.

It turned out that the young man, who caused public stir on Friday with his rare catch of an owl, was actually waiting for a potential buyer.

In an interview with the young man from north Malaita, Mickey Gwalu spoke of his interest in keeping birds and selling them to expatriates.

Mr. Gwalu said that he had interest in keeping birds but what interest him most was that it was his first time to find an owl and keep it.

He said that he found the owl in a tree near his resident at Lengakiki while sitting down with friends.

"I was expecting to see a normal bird when the owl flew across and sat in front of us," he said.

He said that he did not believe his eyes when he saw the bird, because it was rare to find such in the country.

Mr. Gwalu told Solomon Times that he is hoping on catching more owls for sale, "I would love to keep them, but it is one way of generating my daily income".

He said that he has a number of bird buyers who he trust and he will continue to do what he is doing.