About 24 clubs are expected to participate in the upcoming Western Provincial Association's clubs championship which kick off today, says Western Football Association President Robert Riqeo.

Gizo and Noro will field three clubs each in the championship because of the competitiveness of their leagues.

The Western Province is divided into 20 zones and each of them is expected to organize their own competition to decide who should represent their zone.
Riqeo says some zones have been inactive so open invitations have been sent to certain clubs to represent those zones.

Meanwhile, the three clubs that will represent Gizo township include; Lagoon Brothers, Gosa and Camp United.

The three clubs finished ahead of two other clubs in a preliminary competition held last week at the provincial capital. The other two clubs are Pongo FC and Pizid.

According to Riqeo, he decided to step in to organize the preliminary competition because the committee responsible for organizing town league was inactive.
He says the league proper will be organized straight after the clubs championship.