The leader of opposition, Manasseh Sogavare warns the government of the problem of bureaucratic processes as they endeavour to implement the projects outlined in the 2008 budget.

Speaking on the floor of parliament Tuesday on the motion of sine die, Mr. Sogavare said it is a case year by year that projects failed to be implemented, even though government mentioned a lot of good things about them.

"Why? It is because they got caught up in the complicated bureaucracy," the Opposition Leader stated.

Mr. Sogavare said that while he appreciate the government's determination on that area to tighten up the implementation process by setting up guidelines and involving provincial set ups in the approval processes, care must be taken not to over bureaucratized the process that it ends up constipating the implementation process and "at the end of the day we deliver nothing."

"We have only nine months left for this year. We experienced that during the Grand Coalition for Change Government, the processes and procedures are there and at that time we only dealt with the government set ups only. Even then, we find it hard to move those projects because they got caught up in the bureaucracies."

Mr. Sogavare gave a stern warning to the government that action oriented determination maybe "hot air in parliament", but the government will end up delivering nothing by the end of this year.

"[This is] because key ministries and personnel who are supposed to be attending to applications and projects requests are either on overseas trips or are doing something else or are just basically disinterested," the Opposition Leader said.