Naha's 3-1 loss to Walas on Saturday caused a huge setback to their dream of making the top 8 competition.

They have an outstanding match against Sunbeam, which may be crucial in determining their final standing in the league, however it will be a wait and see situation as other clubs including Rangers ( 2 outstanding matches) and Sunbeam (3 outstanding matches) have a chance to make the eight team competition.

Coming into the match on Saturday, Naha was caught off guard as Walas scored three unanswered goals to dominate the match instantly.

They came back with an improved performance in the second half creating half chances but their danger-pair upfront, Lawrence Foanoata and George Laukeni, were unable to make use of their chances when in possession of the ball. Heavy field conditions may have contributed to their misfortune.

Match referee Matthew Taro had to suspend the match for about 20 minutes in the first quarter of the second half because of water inside the pitch. The match resumed after rain subsided and match became an evenly contest affair from there on.
Walas came close on a number of occasions to score further goals but was denied by rain-soaked Lawson Tama pitch.

Laukeni's persistent fight saw him score a consolation goal which also lifted the morale of his boys. However, it came rather late for them as Walas defended their lead, throwing everything in to ensure they went away with all three match points. And in the process, two Walas players were sent to the change rooms for an early shower.

Two players down, Walas held on to their lead and wrapped up their DJ League campaign with a win.

Meanwhile, Koloale beat Laugu 3-0 in the earlier match to secure their place in the 'top eight'.