Lite Life, a newly formed 7 piece band, released their first album in Honiara after their first two singles dominated the airwaves of FM radio stations in Honiara.

The band members, in a short interview, stated that there is a philosophical base to their name.

"L is for the light that we see everyday, I is for the inspiration to the people loving our music, T is for the theory that philosophy is the difference in our music and E is for the experience that life has to offer us in creating all this," the members of the band explained.

"We knew it will be a hit but when it actually got on to the airwaves, and with the huge was just so awesome," said Junior, the back up vocalist.

According to band manager, and sponsor, Mr. Dickey, "plans are currently underway to tour the provinces of Malaita, Western and Isabel."

The Lite Life was also featured as supporting band, when the solo artist from PNG, Anslom, was in his Honiara 2008 tour. The band will soon release heir second album in July during the 30th the anniversary of Solomon Islands.