Minister for Environment, Conservation and Meteorology Gordon Darcy Lilo confirms that effects of global warming are now evident in Solomon Islands.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Mr. Lilo said the effects include coastal erosions, inundation and salt water intrusion of Fanalei and Walande Islands in Malaita Province and the sinking of Hakupa Island in Ontong Java, also in Malaita Province.

Mr. Lilo said climate change will affect Solomon Islands in five main areas.

They are reduced Agriculture productivity and food security, water stress and water insecurity, Rising sea levels and exposure to climate disasters, Ecosystems and bio-diversity and human health.

He said climate change scenarios are pointing to losses in productivity of agriculture which may lead to acute malnutrition in the immediate future.

Mr. Lilo informed Parliament that sea level rise has led to the shrinking of water table lens in Ontong Java and led to the brackishing of fresh water.

He also informed Parliament that the increases in temperature will cause warmer seas that will fuel more violent tropical cyclones, displacement of people and inundation of small atoll and man-made islands.

Mr. Lilo said climate change will increase the risk of malaria despite repeated 'Malaria Eradication Programmes'.

Mr. Lilo said that because of these, government policies, strategies and programmes must take into account the threats of climate change on the people and the environment.