Debate on the 2008 budget started yesterday and is expected to end Monday next week.

Deputy Speaker Clement Kengava told Parliament yesterday that according to standing orders, the debate on the budget should take up to three days, thereafter the Committee of Supply.

Leader of opposition, Manasseh Sogavare took about two hours contributing to the budget making suggestions and advises to the government.

He said that although the budget has some credibility in the provision of increased funding to rural areas, the implementation of the government's policies is what people want.

Mr Sogavare says the increases in funding revealed by the Finance Minister Snyder Rini will have little effect in real monetary values to the people.

He says this is because of the declining value of Solomon dollar against major trading currencies which Solomon islands import goods and services from.

Mr Sogavare says the opposition bench support the budget and want to see what government had promised the people in their policies fulfilled.