Former Peoples Alliance Party Parliamentary leader, Sir Allan Kemakeza had denied claims made by Mr. Kengava that PAP had withdrawn from the Opposition.

Sir Allan in a press statement said that the position of PAP as a party will be discussed in a meeting to be held on May the 22nd. Sir Allan said that until then the position of the party is not yet confirmed.

Clement Kengava stated earlier that the PAP members within the Opposition are willing to take up positions within the Government if given the opportunity to do so.

Kengava was responding to a statement made by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare that eleven appointments will be made to oversee important policy areas. Mr Sogavare hinted that most if not all of the appointments will be Parliamentarians.

Sir Allan made it clear that he and Milner Tozaka will remain with the opposition grouping. "If Kengava wants to go then let him go, I and my colleague Milner are staying". Sir Allan said. "The true position of the party will be determined on the 22nd of this month"