Local architecture in the Solomons is unique for its originality with each province presenting its own unique style of housing.

Approaching a man from the southern part of Malaita, Jack Tioti said that houses are built according to the traditional setting of a society.

A walk through the museum cultural ground, Mr. Tioti made a stop in front of a three-door house.

"This is unique with its three doors, with two in front and one at the back of the house," he said.

Unlike most local houses which only have front doors, Mr. Tioti explained that the third back door is for emergency exit from the enemies.

"During the days our ancestors, there were tribal wars and homes raided so the back door is for safety purpose," he said.

Mr. Tioti said the back door is always facing the bush "for them to hide during ambush from other tribes".

It was revealed that the front doors are kept clean while the back door is always left bushy.

When asked if such houses are still in use, Mr. Tioti said people in the heathen parts of Malaita are still building, and living, in three-door houses.