A company incorporated in Fiji Islands have applied to be the registered proprietor of the Soltai Trade Mark.

The information was received from a Solomon Islander Lawyer working for a private firm in Suva through another local lawyer.

The Chairman of the Investment Cooperation (Solomon Islands) John Mane had confirmed to the Solomon Times that he had also received the information and has forwarded the information to the Soltai Management. He said it is up to Soltai management to object to the application.

A call to the Soltai management has revealed that they have been notified of the notice of application and have given it to their lawyers to look at the notice.

The notice was put up on the 28th of March 2007 and if not objected before 28 June 2007 Ashabhai Company Limited would be the registered owner of the Soltai Trade Mark.

Solomon Times then interviewed a private lawyer on the likely impact of such ownership. The lawyer told Times that such ownership would mean that Soltai will have to pay for the use of the label on its Tuna Products. Secondly, the company can decide to give to any Tuna manufacturer the label if they want to access the Fiji market.

Times understand that Ashabhai & Company had shown interest on Trade Marks, as the on Soltai Tuna Products are very popular amongst Fiji consumers. Former students at the University of the South Pacific say that the Soltai products are displayed on the shelves in many supermarkets in Fiji and are in high demand.