The Minister of Finance, Mr. Snyder Rini this morning delivered the 2008 budget in its second reading.

The 2008 budget is expected to address a wide range of issues. In his delivery, Mr Rini said the CNURA government intends to create new, constructive, action oriented and rurally focused policy directions.

Mr. Rini said the government is aiming to create a stronger and more resilient nation, where rural communities have adequate access to the resources they need to advance economically and peacefully whilst at the same time have appropriate and equitable access to educational and health resources.

"The government is also committed to restoring and strengthening the nation's international standing, its government institutions and structures as well as its economy."

He said the Budget is the fundamental instrument of Government policy in achieving these objectives.

"The 2008 Budget, therefore, advances and progresses us considerably along the path we have charted in our Government's Policy Statements and Translation and Implementation Framework."