Residents living close to drains and rivers are advised to take extra care during heavy down pour.

City Clerk for the Honiara City Council, Joseph Huta, made the call following the flooding in Honiara after a heavy downpour on Sunday afternoon.

He also called on residents not to throw rubbish or other materials into the drainage system because it will block the system resulting in overflows causing the flood.

"We have not had a proper drainage system in place for the past 20 years because the Council doesn't have a qualified engineer to design proper drainage system," said Mr Huta.

Mr Huta revealed that they are now in the process of recruiting an overseas engineer to have a look at the system and improve it. "At the moment the least we could do is advice people living near drains not to throw rubbish into the drains," said Mr Huta.

Mr Huta said the engineer is expected in the country in week's time.