Dubbed the 'Miracle Mineral Supplement' or MMS for short, this new supplement promises to kill malaria parasites within two hours, cure cancer, TB and many more of mankind's worse diseases.

The MMS has reached the shores of the Solomon Islands with its recent launching at the Rhema Family Church in Honiara last week.

The mineral supplement is produced by Jim Humble a metallurgist, gold prospector and chemist. In his website, Jim Humble states that this breakthrough can save lives. The formula is a simple health drink that had already been used for years for other reasons. Jim drastically improved the effectiveness by adding a few drops of vinegar to the drink. Since that time thousands of cases of many different diseases have been treated with complete success.

Mr Humble also has a book that gives complete details of his work. It also has a chapter, written by Dr. Hesselink, listing over 160 scientific papers describing more than 100,000 scientific tests using essentially the same formula that Jim used and still uses. These tests verify all of Jim's basic concepts covering mostly data concerning malaria.

Pastor David of the Rhema church said that the MMS caused uproar in Africa when it was introduced to the people there. He said pharmaceutical companies that produce Chloroquine knew they would be out of business and have threatened the government of Africa to stop Africans from buying the mineral supplement.

The MMS is said to be quite popular amongst the Rhema church community since its launching, many more are expected to follow.