The Deputy Clerk of the National Parliament, Mrs. Florence Naezon, revealed during a hearing of the Public Accounts Committee that there are plans to build an office complex for Members of Parliament.

Mrs. Naezon said that the office complex is the outcome of a development plan formulated with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

She also stated that Taiwan has committed itself to the project with an initial allocation of SBD$3 million dollars for site preparations. Mrs. Naezon also revealed that the proposed site for the complex is the old MPs Rest house in downtown Honiara.

For the fifty Members of Parliament this news would be welcomed given the fact that there are currently no offices provided for MPs.

"This is good, as legislators of the country we need an office to consider bills brought before Parliament...and it does not reflect well on an MP when they have meetings with their constituents in hotels or public areas," stated one MP.