RAMSI's Participating Police Force (PPF) has dispatched a team to Buala, in the Isabel Province, in response to a request for assistance with the destruction of crocodiles.

The PPF team will be working with local police and members of the community in an ongoing effort to track and destroy the animals.

RAMSI PPF Media officer Erica Hanisch said that the PPF is ready to respond to requests for crocodile destruction and is happy to help. "Requests for assistance should be made to the local police," she said, "who will then pass the request on to RAMSI."

This is the second attempt to locate and destroy these particular crocodiles. A team traveled to Buala last week in response to the same request and though several shots were fired, the deaths of the animals were unconfirmed.

Police received a request for assistance in late January after the crocodiles had been threatening villagers and their livestock. Attempts to travel to Buala in immediate response to the request were delayed due to bad weather.