The free concert sponsored by RAMSI attracted a sizeable crowd yesterday at the Cultural Village.

Although reggae is the countries 'first love' when it comes to music, those that turned up for the concert really enjoyed the performances staged by the Australian Country singers.

Australian Country and Western singer John Williamson and his daughter Ami performed alongside local singer Tom Stranger.

Mr. Mike Goldman, an Australian TV host, welcomed the crowd at the opening of the show followed by a remarkable opening by Ami Williamson, who got the crowd to sing along with her. John Williamson and Tom Stranger may have also captured some new county fans with many dancing to some of their country tunes.

One young possible country tunes convert, Jacko Nare, said that it was very nice for RAMSI to sponsor the show. "I am very happy with what the RAMSI is doing for our people, because even for our own local bands' shows, they never make free concerts for the town," added Mr. Nare.