Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Jeffery Wickham, has announced that this year's National Trade and Cultural Show will be hosted in Auki, Malaita province in July.

Mr Wickham said the arrangement was made in line with the National Government's plan to shift this year's National Independence Celebration to Auki. "In fact the Malaita Provincial Government has already appointed the Small and Medium Enterprise Council of Solomon Islands (SMEC) to spearhead preparations for the show" Wickham said. "It is going to be an opportunity for Malaitans to showcase their development potentials to the world especially in agriculture, tourism and industrial activities"

Mr Wickham went on to say that it will also give the local population of Malaita an opportunity to see and experience new developments and obtain first hand information on matters of interest. "This shift correlates with the national government's policy to spread national development to the provinces" said Wickham. "The show will take place during the holiday period and visitors will also have a chance to visit Malaita and see the development opportunities there"

He said the national government fully supported the arrangement as it is one way of involving people in the provinces (rural areas) in national development

The Malaita Provincial Government is setting up separate sub-committees to organize special shows for Agricultural and Cultural activities.