The JV Avaiki Sports Council organised a challenge for Rennell-Bellona Province.

A sports fan told Solomon Times that the challenge involves teams from the two neighbouring islands.

"The games were officially launched last week, which is between two teams from Rennell and two teams from Bellona," the source said.

Rennell teams are Eastern Lakers and Western Tornados whilst Bellona is represented by the Eastern Highlanders and the Western Sharks.

The weekend's game saw the Eastern Highlanders of Bellona powering over Rennell's Eastern Lakers.

Bellona's second team, the Western Sharks, also won over their Rennellese rivals, the Western Tornados.

"The games normally take place in the province but it's been moved to Honiara this year," Solomon Times was informed.

More action will take place at the Panatina sports oval on Wednesday and Thursday.