The cruel suddenness of the death of a mother yesterday afternoon has left Naha Heights residents in shock.

"The lady was crossing the road with her little daughter from a canteen she owned" A witnesses stated. "It happened so fast, a truck lost control from the curve coming into Naha Heights the lady, who was already half way across, was struck and thrown into the air"

Witnesses say that the lady managed to push her little child out of harms way before she was struck. "Everyone run to the kid who fell close to the edge of the cliff" stated one witness. "The driver jumped out of the truck and carried the lady into the truck, blood was everywhere"

Calls made to the hospital revealed that the lady died upon arrival resulting from heavy blood loss.

Reports reaching the news desk say that the driver left the hospital and went straight to the police. The driver, who was allegedly driving under the influence, is being questioned by the police.

In the past few months at least eight people have died in similar accidents, a pace well ahead of the average documented over the last five years.

"We want to see our police and legislators do more to prevent such careless driving" a distressed witness stated. "This accident should have never occurred if we had speed limits in residential areas"