The Prime Ministers Office (PMO) today released a press statement defending its stance on the State Government issue.

The press release was prompted by a lead story in the Island Sun (Issue No. 158 dated Friday 15th February 2008) entitled "STATE GOVERNMENT OUT".

The press statement from the PMO stated that contrary to what the article may claim, "the question of State Government is not dead under the CNURA Government."

"The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet wishes to assure the public that the State Government issue is still CNURA Government top priority" the statement reads.

"The CNURA Government therefore, wishes to assure the public and in particular, the Provincial Governments that the question of introduction of State Government in Solomon Islands is well in advance."

The statement went on to say that it is very likely that the State Government system in the Solomon Islands may happen within the term of office of CNURA Government.

There have been persistent calls for the introduction of a state government system from some of the bigger provinces in the Solomon Islands. The idea of a decentralized government system appeals to these resource rich provinces as they feel that they deserve more from resources extracted from their land.

Some political analysts feel that it may be too early to have such a complex system in place. "It is quite an expensive system, we need to tread carefully" stated one commentator. "I think a nation wide referendum will give weight to the wish for state government."