A two-day boxing tournament will be held in Honiara this month.

Boxing Sports Development Officer, Jay Makana told Solomon Times that the tournament will take place on 23rd - 26th February 2008.

He said that the tournament will be between the Frigate boxing club from Kiribati and the Nguzu-nguzu Eagles from Honiara.

"This is only a friendly match in exchange of our trip to Kiribati last year," Mr. Makana.

The team is expected to arrive on Friday.

"We are in contact with them on how preparations are going in Kiribati," he said.

Mr. Makana said that the organizing group in Honiara's making several appeals to business houses to assist them while the Kiribati team is in town.

"We are hoping for positive response from the business houses," he said.

The Kiribati team consists of seven players weighing between 60kg to 70kg with 3 officials.

"It will be an interesting tournament so the public's asked to come and support the boxers during the tournament."