Dolphins are an essential part of culture and ecology, an Australian reminds Solomon Islanders.

Jon made the comment in light of the possibility that the ban on the export of live dolphins from the Solomons may be in danger of being lifted.

"This news is so monumentally sad, and I do implore you, the people of the Solomons and your Prime Minister to keep the ban on live dolphin exports, or any dolphin exports, in place," he said.

Jon urged Solomon Islanders not to allow "these beautiful creatures to be caught and sold off to the highest bidder".

He said that according to a friend from the Solomons living in Australia, lifting the ban signifies "his people had forgotten their ancestral heritage and the importance of the balance between the ocean and the land".

Jon urged Solomon Islanders to hold on to cultural wisdoms and ways, and "stop people who do not respect your heritage, your land and your culture, taking from you an essential part of the balance of your lives, the dolphins".

"Keep the ban on all dolphin exports in place and remain a proud and strong nation," he said.