The dilemma for students awaiting National Training Unit to sort their travel to Fiji-based University of the South Pacific Laucala campus is far from over.

Students who waited patiently in line for confirmation on travelling dates were this morning informed that another issue has come up - accommodation shortage.

The Director of NTU, Selu Maezama told waiting students that it seems there could be a problem with accommodation.

Mr. Maezama said that NTU has been informed that accommodation allocated for Solomon Islands students may not cater for the remaining students still waiting.

The NTU Director told students that the Permanent Secretary of Education, Maelyn Kuve has given directive that the matter be looked into and, as much as possible, be resolved.

Students heard that the only best solution would be to cut back on the number.

Those most likely to be hard hit on the latest twist would be new students and in-service awardees.