The Honiara City Council is organising sporting activities for youths in the capital.

HCC Coordinator for Youth, Women and Sports Division, Audrey Baeanisia said that currently, the Council has registered a total of 250 teams to participate in upcoming games in Honiara.

"This division has organised similar sporting activities since 2006 to promote relationship among the youths through sports," Ms. Baeanisia said.

She added that purpose of such activities is to encourage youths not to fall into criminal activities in the city.

"The advantage in participating in sports is that it can take young people as far as abroad, and it builds a positive attitude for the youths," Ms. Baeanisia added.

She told Solomon Times that participants are equally divided in groups regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and "whether the person is disable or not".

Ms. Baeanisia also stressed on the importance to promote and encourage sports as a means of bringing the community around Honiara together.