Two former militants, John Ome and James Tatau, have been acquitted on charges of murdering Australian Protective Service officer Adam Dunning in a sniper attack in Honiara in 2004.

High Court judge Edwin Goldsbrough, acquitted the pair of all charges stating he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt of their guilt.

But Judge Goldsbrough said that there was no doubt that a group of people were prepared to mount and execute such an attack, resulting in Dunning's death.

James Tatau and John Hen Ome were alleged to have murdered the late Adam Dunning with a high-powered rifle while he was on a routine night-time vehicle patrol in the Solomons capital.

Without commenting on the acquittals, the family of the late Adam Dunning stated in the Sydney Morning Herald that "Adam brought incredible happiness and joy to our family during his life and he is sorely missed. The finalisation of the case is a relief for all of us," the family said.

Dunning's former partner, Elise Wiscombe, also thanked Australian police for their support over the past two and a half years and praised the tireless work of investigating officers.

"Adam was an amazing man for his strength as well as his compassion.
"I hope that with the conclusion of the trial there will be recognition of the sacrifice he made, as well as closure for all those who still miss him so much," Wiscombe said.