Police in Honiara were again kept busy on the weekend after 40 incidents were reported to Police Communications Centre.

Seventeen people were arrested for offences ranging from disturbing the peace, traffic accidents, theft, possession of drugs, assaults, drinking liquor in public and sexual assault.

The majority of offences resulted after people had consumed alcohol. Several assaults, incidents of disturbing the peace and disorderly behaviour were all alcohol related.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Operations, Nathan Ratu, said that it is disappointing to continually see some members of the public break laws on the weekend.

"Police have held many community policing talks and have spoken to nightclub owners to address some of the alcohol related crimes that occur in Honiara. We all have a role to play."

"People must understand that it is not acceptable to commit criminal offences after consuming alcohol and the police will continue to arrest individuals who decide to break the law."

"I appeal to the members of the public to be good citizens and behave in a manner that makes Honiara a safe place now and for future generations," he said.

Meanwhile, officers from Kukum Traffic Centre are investigating separate incidents from the weekend after police attended four traffic accidents.

Police at Central Market also made more arrests relating to the use and sale of drugs and drinking alcohol in public on the weekend.

A man was arrested after police observed him allegedly selling marijuana at the Central Markets on Friday night.