A mini hospital was officially opened at Tetere on the Guadalcanal Plains this morning.

The new mini hospital located next to the Don Bosco centre is a gift from Italian volunteers, 'Amici Missione Isole Solomons Registered Trustees', to the people of Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, officially opened the new Good Samaritan mini hospital.

Speaking at the opening, Prime Minister Sikua called on the people of Guadalcanal to look after and be self reliant with their own health.

"We need a healthy population, or people who understand what they must do to be in [good] health to make a positive contribution to meaningful socio-economic development for this country," he added.

The Prime Minister reminded everyone that simple activities such as destroying mosquito breeding sites, proper water supply, good toilets, eating healthy local diet will go a long way in promoting health and happiness in families and the community at large.

Dr. Sikua stressed on the need to avoid harmful habits such as drinking alcohol, the illegal local brew, kwaso, and smoking.

He urged the people of North Guadalcanal, especially the youths, to maintain the "vital and life saving property" and avoid incidences of causing damage to the structure.

In opening the new building, Prime Minister Sikua acknowledged the Italian volunteers for the heart and good nature rendered that have materialized in the mini hospital.

He described the new health care facility as "truly a wonderful blessing".