Night club owners have been reminded of the issue of underage clubbing.

Commissioner of Police, Jahir Mohammed Khan, in a press conference with night club owners, expressed the desire to establish a work relationship between police and them.

He said the relationship will help fight illegal social activities in the capital city, underage clubbing included.

Commissioner Khan confirmed that there are only eight legally recognised clubs established in Honiara.

Commissioner Khan said it is time club owners have considerations in the ages of youths permitted to enter their nightclubs.

"In the law, under-aged youths should not be allowed into nightclubs," the press conference was informed.

Mr. Khan said that by allowing people in that age group, the owners were not only breaking the law but they were also collaborating with them.

"And collaborating with youths to do the wrong thing is committing a crime," he warned.

"The best solution on the underage issue is putting in rules of producing an ID, but I don't think ID is viable in the Solomon Islands," said Mr. Khan.

He said that the owners are to cooperate with the police by doing the right thing.

Commissioner Khan said the meeting is to clarify to club owners some rules and regulations, according to the law of the country.

"You will have information about what to apply in each clubs and at the same time, you will gain support from the Police," he said.

The Police Commissioner said that police had received complaints from few senior citizens about loud music, drunken people fighting around the streets among other happenings after hours.

He informed club owners present at the meting that the rule from now on is that every night club is not to supply alcohol after 10pm, and no staging of live bands up until 2am.

Mr. Khan informed the owners that every night after closing their clubs, everyone should leave the club premises.

Club owners were also warned that police will do their patrolling to check if the night clubs are following the law and order of the country.

He said that the owners need to put forward commitments and contribution together with the police to make things right.