Development steps for Guadalcanal Province includes land issues.

In an interview with the Provincial Premier, Joash Salani, he said that among issues to settle are land-related matters.

But their immediate focus after settling into their new space is the Doma project, Mr. Salani said.

"Now that we have a home for Guadalcanal Province with the set up of a new building, we will focus on the development and completion of the Doma project," Premier Salani said.

Asked on long term developmental plans, Mr. Salani said the focus once settled will be more on issues compulsory to the people of Guadalcanal.

"Land issues will be top priority in and outside of town so with rented lands, people must pay what is due to the province," Mr. Salani added.

The Premier also stressed that the province will seek to halt any development taking place on the "headquarter land" where a shopping mall is to be constructed.

"The land was never sold but only leased by the Alebua government," Mr. Salani explained.

Premier Salani revealed that the province is also looking forward to its own vessel that will be in town 13 days from today, which will "help cater for the needs of Guadalcanal".

The headquarters is for administration, assembly and health for the people of Guadalcanal Province.