The Solomon Islands Cabinet has approved the Secondment of One Hundred and Thirty (130) Public Servants, Teachers and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) officers to the Games Organizing Committee to support the successful delivery of the Pacific Games 2023.

Secretary to Cabinet, Nego Sisiolo confirmed the arrangement at a meeting held yesterday in Honiara with Permanent Secretaries to update Government Ministries on the preparations for Pacific Games 2023.

The meeting was facilitated by the Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) responsible for overseeing Government preparations for the Games, together with the Ministry of Public Service.

Sisiolo, informed representatives that the Secondment process would need the full support and cooperation of all ministries, and stakeholders to successfully deliver the Pacific Games 2023.

He further reminded government ministries that the Pacific Games is a government priority and the government is committed to deliver the Games.

Chair of Government Services Integration Committee in the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, OPMC, Bernard Bataanisia, stated that following Cabinet Approval, the OPMC, Ministry of Public Services (MPS) and Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) have already met and operationalized the Cabinet Decision and for its implementation.

Mr Bataanisia added that MPS has already advised in Circular to All Government Ministries to nominate four (4) per Ministry, which will give a total of ninety six (96) Public Servants.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development is reaching out to the Respective Education Authorities to nominate another twenty five (25) Teachers.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has also met with the SOEs for their nominees to be seconded.

The seconded Public Servants, Teachers and SOEs will be deployed to GOC for a period of up to six months commencing early July to December 2023, says Mr Bataanisia.

During the meeting, also, the CEO of the Games Organizing Committee, Peter Stewart, updated the meeting on the Games preparation and stated that public servants support towards the Games is very significant. He added it would be an opportunity for public servants to explore and how they can contribute and engage in the event.

“The game will provide once in a lifetime games experience, leadership training and recognition for performance for all public servants that will partake in the Game.”

The Pacific Games will held in Honiara, Solomon Islands from 19 November to 2 December 2023.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit