Solomon Islands primary water utility provider, Solomon Water has issued an urgent notice to its valued customers regarding an unplanned water disruption affecting significant parts of the city.

Due to the ongoing heavy rains, the water supply from the Kongulai and Kombito sources has been closed until further notice.

The decision to halt the water supply is a response to elevated turbidity levels caused by the heavy rainfall. Turbidity, a measure of water cloudiness, is attributed to the presence of silt, mud, algae, and other particles in surface water sources. Solomon Water emphasizes that this precautionary measure is essential to prevent the distribution of water that may be unsafe for consumption or daily use.

The water treatment process employed by Solomon Water becomes less effective during periods of high turbidity, as it cannot eliminate bacteria effectively. Supplying water with increased turbidity not only poses health risks to consumers but also has the potential to clog pipes and customer facilities.

The impact of this disruption extends across West, Central, and East Honiara, where residents are advised to expect no water supply until further notice.

Solomon Water's dedicated team is actively monitoring turbidity levels at the affected sources, and regular updates will be provided to customers if there are any changes to the situation.

Solomon Water acknowledges the inconvenience caused by this situation and expresses gratitude for the understanding and patience of its customers. The utility company assures the public that the decision to close the Kongulai and Kombito sources is beyond its control and is a necessary step to safeguard the health and well-being of the community.

Customers are thanked for their cooperation and patience during this unforeseen water disruption, and Solomon Water remains committed to resolving the issue promptly. 


Source: Solomon Water