The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has expressed strong disapproval for a live media clip that circulated among many Solomon Islanders last night.

The social media footage depicted four Solomon Island workers participating in the PALM scheme engaging in the consumption of alcohol, displaying signs of heavy intoxication, and using offensive language directed at viewers, including the national government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade condemned the behavior exhibited by the individuals, particularly led by Nelson Rembi Lipujama. Such actions are deemed shameful and disappointing, not only for the country's image but also for the families of the involved individuals. The conduct portrayed in the video is seen as contrary to the values that the Solomon Islands uphold.

These actions have the potential to tarnish the positive reputation of the Solomon Islands' "Here to Work" brand in Australia. Consequently, an investigation into the matter will be initiated.

The Solomon Islands government is taking this opportunity to remind all workers under the PALM or RSE scheme that such behavior will not be tolerated. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining good conduct at all times, underscoring the role of workers as ambassadors for the country.

The government underscores the significance of upholding the values that reflect positively on the Solomon Islands and contribute to maintaining a strong and respectable image abroad.


Source: Press Release, MFAET