The Central Bank of Solomon Islands has launched the new $10 banknote, dedicated to commemorating the upcoming 17th Pacific Games scheduled to be held in Honiara from November 19th to December 2nd, 2023.

The official launch of this significant banknote took place on Friday 27th October at the CBSI, Board Room, graced by the presence of distinguished guests, heads of financial institutions, board directors, and our other invited guests including revered athletes.

During the launch, the Minister for Finance & Treasury, Mr. Harry Kuma declared that the new $10 commemorative banknote is now legal tender currency in Solomon Islands.

He highlighted that the new $10 banknote not only marks the historic moment of the Solomon Islands hosting the 17th Pacific Games for the first time but also symbolizes the celebration and unity surrounding the achievements of our exceptional athletes.

The $10 commemorative banknote retains the same dimensions, reddish color, and most features of the current $10 paper note, with notable enhancements in terms of security and design specifications.

Front Design: The new $10 Commemorative note is printed on a polymer substrate material, preserving the primary characteristics of the current $10 circulating paper note, while introducing a new window featuring the head of the Eagle and the Pacific Games logo.

Back Design: The reverse side showcases athletes participating in various sports of the Pacific Games, including weightlifting, football, athletics, bodybuilding, basketball, and rugby.

Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Dr Luke Forau in his official remarks also expressed his enthusiasm for the release of this remarkable commemorative banknote, stating, “This banknote represents not only a historical milestone but also the creativity and resilience of the people of the Solomon Islands. It acknowledges the significance of sports in uniting our culturally diverse nation.”

“In commemorating this historic sporting event for the first time, it is fitting that we invest our sports interest a place in our commemorative series of banknotes. In doing so, we honor their attributes and qualities, which can inspire our young sporting generations and contribute meaningfully to our socioeconomic development.”

The $10 commemorative banknote is produced in a limited quantity, making it a treasured collector’s item and a significant component of our country’s numismatic heritage.

Collectors and citizens alike are encouraged to acquire this limited-edition banknote and celebrate this momentous occasion in the history of Solomon Islands.

We appeal to the good people of Solomon Islands and users of Solomon Island banknotes to please handle the new $10 commemorative banknote with great care to maintain its durability and cleanliness.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands is dedicated to promoting financial literacy and providing valuable educational resources regarding the new banknote. These resources will be accessible through the Central Bank’s official website and educational outreach programs.

The $10 commemorative banknote is now available for circulation through our commercial banks and ATMs across the country, starting, October 27, 2023.



Source: Press Release, CBSI