Australia and Our Telekom have achieved a major milestone in the Solomon Islands' telecommunications enhancement project.

Australia handed over hybrid power systems to Our Telekom for the six new Australian Funded towers in Western, Choisuel, Isabel and Malaita provinces.

This marks a pivotal moment in the shared mission for improved connectivity in the Solomon Islands.

These Australian Funded towers aim to extend mobile services in remote areas, enhancing connectivity and communication infrastructure.

These towers, located in Vadede, Choiseul, Kariki, Kamaleai & Nila in Shortland, Kia in Isabel, and Pelau in Malaita Outer Islands, are part of our ambitious project to establish six new 3G/4G mobile sites, ensuring better mobile services, especially in remote communities.

The hybrid power systems, combining solar and generator technology, will ensure uninterrupted power supply even in off-grid locations.

The equipment was airlifted to Solomon Islands with assistance from the Royal Australian Air Force.

Our Telekom will lead the installation, bringing the Solomon Islands closer to a well connected future.

Our Telekom thanks the Australian Government and it's people for their unwavering support as they proceed with the successful operation of these Australian Funded Towers. 


Source: Press Release, Our Telekom