Two more leaf huts have been opened at Tetere Police Station on the Guadalcanal plains and Henderson Police Station in East Honiara last week.

The new huts will provide a neutral space at both stations where community members can safely meet and resolve issues.

Located adjacent to the station, the huts also provide a space where officers can have meetings with the community in an informal location and if required help to mediate disputes.

The huts, built by local contractors using local materials, were supported by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF)-Australian Federal Police (AFP) Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP).

Guadalcanal’s Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Chief Supt. Rodney Kuma, praised RAPPP for supporting this initiative.

Chief Supt. Kuma said these huts belong to members of the community and should be a neutral place where community members can bring their issues to in efforts to find solutions.

He said the new hut delivered to Henderson Police Station was a timely gift as the station prepares for the influx of people expected during the Pacific Games in November.

AFP Advisor, Supt. Adam McCormack, said the policing partnership with the RSIPF is a commitment to promoting strong connections between the community and the police.

“These leaf huts will promote the partnership between police and communities. These huts are more than just leaf huts, they support a connection to the community,” Supt. McCormack said.

Earlier, a RAPPP-funded leaf hut was also opened at Naha Police Station in East Honiara with some more expected to open in other RSIPF police stations soon.

This is a part of the AFP’s initiative to support the RSIPF’s infrastructure needs.

Source: RSIPF Media