The Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS), yesterday successfully celebrated with coaches the ‘International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) Global Coaches Day.

Around 80 coaches from sports federation of the country gathered at the High Performance Centre to mark the significant celebration.

SINIS Executive Director Aaron Alsop explain to coaches that ICCE is a global body that helps support the development of coaches worldwide.

Solomon Islands is very fortunate to be one of the only two Pacific countries that is a member of the ICCE institution .

“The reason they support the global coaches is to acknowledge the incredible work coaches do for the country, and also throughout the world. We know coaches often do their job voluntarily and therefore the opportunity to support you through the development and continual learning is why SINIS is supporting you on the September 25 global coaches day,” said Alsop.

“We are fortunate to have so many coaches from almost every sport in the country represented, we have got around 80 coaches here today which is fantastic to see. It is also good to see a generation of coaches, we have coaches who have just started out on their journey and there are others who have been coaching in the country for years. That is really exciting and SINIS has obviously invested deeply to ensure that coaches are supported not only for what is coming up in the Pacific Games, but also what we are doing for sport at all levels in the country. So we are very excited about being able to support the coaches today.”

Sports Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Selson Faisi being present and opening the celebration at SINIS also reminded coaches that the ICCE Global Coaches Day is to recognise their commitments, hard work and successes.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate you all the coaches for the hard work and tireless undertaking you have done. Winning is instilled in athletes, winning is from within the minds of coaches. Thank you for all the commitments that you have made,” said Faisi.

“The target for Gold medals [upcoming Pacific Games] is 40, it is not impossible. It is possible because of you [the coaches]. Thank you for showing the commitment in preparations.

“Being a coach is a big responsibility, for Solomon Islands when you take up coaching is a sacrifice. It takes up your time with athletes, you go through sleepless nights. When the team does not perform well the coach takes the blame, but I would like to say thank you everyone for taking the opportunity to see that there is a future for our young people. Some did not go through formal education, but through sports they can find ways to make their way up.”

With the digital technology rising, Mr Faisi elaborate such area helps in online training, accessing information and such being a boost to sports practices in this modern era as well.

“I thank SINIS for taking this lead in ensuring that our coaches are actually equipped [in the modern era]. The reason why other countries are far better in sports is because of high performance. Today we have it, but it is not good if we do not make use of it,” remind Faisi.

“With this I would like to encourage all our coaches, the service you are offering is not just another service, one, I see you an expert in the technical area that you know about. Two, I see you as an avenue of a teacher, creating opportunities for our youths to participate and learn how to perform. You teach how to evaluate a situation. Athletes come with different personalities. But when they come, you shape them. Being a teacher is a refined process. You refine athletes to become someone better. Three, as a coach I see you as a planner and organiser. ‘Proactive’ should be our motto. Let us do away with last minute attitudes. Winning is not in the field, but before the game starts. That is the attitude we should have. When you fail to plan, you fail to win.

“You must plan, be strategic so that you can win. You as coaches, you are mentors, team leaders, you are a friend and also an advisor. Being a role model, you can change the mindset of our athletes, and you are there to change that mindset. I would like to challenge you that you are not just here because the Pacific Games is coming up, you are here for a purpose, and that is to empower our young people to be winners because you are a winner.

“On behalf of the government, we actually depend on you guys. Our nation can be vibrant in sports because of you guys. What we need today is not separation but being united. From the coach, team management, players and all the federations, we must be one.

“Thank you SINIS and its Executive Director and team for seeing the vision and ensure that we are on the right pathway. We will get there. May I wish you coaches all the best, bloom, lecture all the knowledge that you have to be transpired into the provinces, and there we will have a changed Solomon Islands.”

National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) President, Martin Rara who was also present at SINIS told coaches that seeing they have a special day to mark their effort is a reminder for them as their value as a ‘Coach’.

“As you journey on as a coach, think about what you will achieve in the end, where will you ride towards in being a coach. The training you go through at SINIS, this is the 21st century, and it is no longer the 1950s. Let us adopt to the new ways of coaching that will help improve you as a coach,” said Rara.

“I want to encourage you as you take this role as a coach, a coach is everything. A coach can be a teacher, trainer, Doctor, Pastor, everything comes under coaching. As a coach, you are everything. That is why I want to encourage you, you have chosen a right role, as you will be touching lives of your athletes. How you want to shape an athlete, is on you. You are the one talking with athletes on a day to day basis that is very important. A true coach is a coach who knows an athlete well. So I congratulate you all on this special day, also I want to remind you that you are not alone, you are part of a global network.”

Being less than three months away from the Pacific Games, President Rara advice coaches to get as much learnt from SINIS and use them in their respective federations to inspire upcoming athletes of Solomon Islands.

“I encourage you to work hard, do your best for yourself, federation and country. Wish you all the best,” said Rara.

Also witnessing the ICCE Global Coaches Day celebration at the High Performance Centre was Davis Pitamama (Chief School/Centre Registration) of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) Schools Service Division.


Source: Press Release, SINIS